Healing Art Workshops

Saturday 08/02/20   10 - 1 pm

Saturday 14/03/20   10 - 1 pm

Nicole and Fiona are delighted to be offering two more Healing Art workshops for adults in Feb and March 2020 at Carrdus School.

Here are some comments from our first workshop in November 2019....

I really loved yesterday’s workshop...So grateful for being able to step outside my normal routine and share a special day with everyone. Thank you

Lizzie, Oxfordshire

I’ve just been reflecting on the workshop on Saturday and wanted to thank you both. It was such a warm, embracing, nourishing, affirming experience. I loved your energy and the energy of the other women. Reminding us through your own actions that it’s ok to be reflective in the moment and mindfully gentle with one another.

Rosie, Northants

“The intuitive mind is a scared gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Albert Einstein


Working with healers and artists Fi Smith and Nicole Thurgur to connect to your intuition and creative voice using the technique of visual medicine. 


“Visual Medicine is an actual painted language. The practice teaches you to speak in the subtle tongue of images and imagination. When you listen to your Creative Mind it becomes a guide…”Suzette Clough


           Time: 10am - 1pm, arrival 9:45

                  Dates: Saturday, 8 February and 14 March 2020 


Each workshop is suitable for complete beginners and can stand alone

or you can attend both to deepen your intuitive journey


         Place: Carrdus School Art Room, Overthorpe Hall OX17 2BS

                                                      Cost:  £55